2017.12.29Safety and Security Conference for Korean community in Thailand
2017.12.2612/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.12.20Networking / Korea-Thai Customs Networking
2017.12.12Invitation to MTCC Dinner Talk on “Disruption Economy”
2017.12.08KOTRA Export Incubator Opening reception
2017.12.07Dinner meeting at Korean Ambassador's Residence
2017.11.30Korea Association of Smart Home Trade Mission
2017.11.30Korean Traditional Liquor Fair
2017.11.29Hyundai Motor Expo 2017
2017.11.24Invitation from Turkish Ambassador to "Colour of Dance" performance
2017.11.23Recruit fair - Korean youths
2017.11.2111/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.11.1716th Legal Consultative Forum
2017.11.16Invite to join the MOU signing between AMATA and Incheon Smart City
2017.11.16Reception on Board "Kang Gam Chan" ship
2017.11.15JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting
2017.11.14Board of Trade of Thailand's BOD meeting No. 04/2017
2017.10.24Condolence ceremony for HM Rama 9
2017.10.21Korean Kids' Festival
2017.10.18JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting
2017.10.16Opening POSCO Group office in Bangkok
2017.10.14Annual Golf Tournament of Korean Association in Thailand
2017.10.1210/2017Executive Committee meeting
2017.10.05Korea National Day
2017.10.04Meeting with BOI
2017.09.28CSR Seminar
2017.09.27CSR activity
2017.09.20JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting
2017.09.19Hyundai Motor's 10th Anniversary of Business in The Kingdom of Thailand
2017.09.14Executive Committee meeting
2017.09.11Board of Trade of Thailand's BOD meeting No. 03/2017
2017.09.11Welcome Reception for H.E. Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy (METI), Japan
2017.08.31Seminar: Thailand IT Industry Outlook
2017.08.29Meeting with Thai Customs House
2017.08.2808/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.08.22Thai Customs Business Conference 2017
2017.08.17JFCCT International Trade Committee meeting
2017.08.16JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting
2017.08.16AoA Amendment Draft Team - 3rd meeting
2017.08.15National Liberation Day Ceremony – Korean Embassy
2017.08.03meeting with ESCAP & AFMA
2017.07.2607/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.07.21AoA Amendment Draft Team - 2nd meeting
2017.07.14Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
2017.07.11Korean Embassy meeting - Disaster Management
2017.07.11Board of Trade of Thailand's BOD meeting No. 02/2017
2017.07.08Sponsor to OKTA Next Generation Fund Raising Golf Tournament
2017.07.05AoA Amendment Draft Team - 1st meeting
2017.06.29Legal Consultative Forum
2017.06.27STCC New Board of Directors Meets Member cum Networking Night
2017.06.2367th Anniversary of the Korean War
2017.06.21JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting
2017.06.2106/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.06.20Meeting with ASEAN KOREA CENTRE
2017.06.19Meeting with Electronic Government Agency (EGA)
2017.06.15THTA Get Together Party 2017
2017.06.08Invitation to JFCCT International Trade Committee meeting
2017.06.07CA Opening Ceremony
2017.06.02Meeting with KOIMA
2017.06.01Supporting GMS Investment Forum Organized by Euromoney
2017.05.31ThaiFEX Opening Ceremony
2017.05.242Q/2017 KTCC's BOD Meeting
2017.05.1805/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.05.17JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2017.05.15Overseas Korean Safety Guide Meeting – Korean Embassy
2017.05.09Board of Trade BOD Meeting 01/2017
2017.05.03Joining Meeting BOI-BOT
2017.04.26The 50th Ordinary AGM of Board of Trade of Thailand
2017.04.2404/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.04.04President Mr. DS Kim visited H.E. Thai Ambassador to Korea in Seoul
2017.03.31GYBM 1ST Commencement Ceremony
2017.03.29CP ALL Seminar
2017.03.28BOI Investment Seminar in Seoul
2017.03.23Donation Multipurpose Auditorium to Eastern Child Protection Welfare Home
2017.03.16Visiting Director of Laem Chabang Customs House
2017.03.1603/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.03.14Board of Trade of Thailand's BOD meeting No. 06/2016
2017.03.13JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2017.03.112017 Member's Charity Event
2017.03.09KR Bangkok Reception
2017.03.08JFCCT EDs Luncheon
2017.03.01Ceremony for Independent Movement Day
2017.03.01Luncheon meeting with Korea Labour Foundation
2017.02.201Q/2017 KTCC's BOD Meeting
2017.02.18Korea-Thai Festival
2017.02.1602/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.02.15BOI Seminar - Opportunity Thailand
2017.02.14JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2017.02.09Donation for Southern Flood Victims
2017.02.09JFCCT International Trade Committee
2017.02.08Seminar-Thailand Economic Outlook 2017
2017.02.01Visited Royal Thai Customs by invitation from DG
2017.01.24AGM 2017
2017.01.18H.E. Ambassador Lunchoen Talk for Global YBM
2017.01.18JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2017.01.13Korean International School Bangkok
2017.01.1201/2017 Executive Committee meeting
2017.01.10Board of Trade of Thailand's BOD meeting No. 05/2016
2017.01.04New Year Conference by H.E.Korean Ambassador
Date Major Events
2016.12.1602/2016 KTCC's BOD Meeting
2016.12.15Thai Customs’ Forum for “FTA & New Customs Regulations” with Korean Embassy
2016.12.14JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon Meeting
2016.12.14CSR- Donation to Thidarak Foundation with Korean Embassy
2016.12.1311/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.12.08CSR-Donation to Eastern Child Welfare Protection Home (Rayong), Pattaya
Children's Home Foundation and Father Ray Foundation with Korean Embassy
2016.11.25Luncheon Event with H.E. General Prayut, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand
2016.11.2110/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.11.17The 14th Legal Consultative Forum2016 at Pattaya
2016.11.16JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon Meeting
2016.11.16CSR-Donation to Banglamung Home for Boys with Korean Embassy
2016.11.08Thailand Board of Trade BOD meeting No. 04/2016
2016.11.03The Office of National Tax Administration’s Taxation Forum
2016.11.02reakfast Meeting with Korean Ambassador
2016.11.01The Funeral of General Pramot, President of Korean War Veterans Association.
2016.10.27Memorial Ads for HM King Bhumibol on Matichon & The Nation
2016.10.21Meeting with Inje Univ. Korea
2016.10.18JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon Meeting
2016.10.1809/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.10.10Dinner Meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea
2016.10.09ACD Forum
2016.09.29Meeting with Kwangju Credit Insurance Fund
2016.09.28KTCC-BOI Seminar on “Thai-Korean Investment Cooperation”
2016.09.21TCC-BOT Get Together Partnership2016
2016.09.13Thailand Board of Trade BOD meeting No. 03/2016
2016.09.0808/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.08.31POSCO COATED STEEL Dedication Ceremony
2016.08.29Meeting with Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Korea
2016.08.1807/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2016.08.17JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon Meeting
2016.08.03ASEAN Korchams meeting with Min of MOI Korea at Vientiane, Lao
2016.08.02Welcome luncheon meeting for New Commercial attaché and KOTRA Director.
2016.08.02Meeting with Hankook Univ. on the Occasion of Thai Dept. 50th Anniversary.
2016.07.2101/2016 KTCC's BOD Meeting
2016.07.12Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 02/2016
2016.07.09Breakfast Meeting with The Mayor of Seoul
2016.07.07Legal Consultative Forum2016
2016.07.0706/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2016.06.28JFCCT FORUM2016 "SERVICES!"
2016.06.28Dinner meeting with Ambassador
2016.06.24The Occasion of 66th Anniversary of the Korean War
2016.06.20UTCC - Korean Translating and Interpreting Contest
2016.06.15JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.06.0905/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2016.05.25Trade Management of Dual-use Items
2016.05.23BOI - Seminar on "Investment Opportunities in Thailand’s IT Industry
2016.05.19JFCCT Presidents’ Council Meeting & Reunion Party2016
2016.05.19JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.05.10Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 01/2016
2016.05.0904/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2016.04.29Breakfast Meeting with Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning
2016.04.26The 49th Ordinary Annual General Meeting(BOT)
2016.04.21JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.04.07CSR- Structural Steel Roof for Banglamung Home for Boys
2016.03.16JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.03.12Annual Membership Charity Golf Tournament
2016.03.08Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 06/2015
2016.03.0703/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.03.0197th Anniversary of Independence Movement
2016.02.262016 Thailand Economic Outlook Seminar
2016.02.17JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.02.1202/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.01.19JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2016.01.15Graduation ceremony of KISB
2016.01.1301/2016 Executive Committee meeting
2016.01.12Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 05/2015
2016.01.07Meeting with H.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Date Major Events
2015.12.23  Publication Membership Directory "2015~2016"
2015.12.16  Korchamthai - Luncheon Meeting with H.E. Korean Ambassador
2015.12.15  03/2015 KTCC's BOD Meeting  
2015.12.14  12/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.11.25  JFCCT - Prime Minister's Address Luncheon
2015.11.19  Luncheon meeting with Ambassador
2015.11.18  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.11.11  11/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.11.10  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 04/2015
2015.11.05  Legal Consultative Forum 03/2015 (Pattaya)
2015.10.30  JFCCT - pay a courtesy visit to Minister of Industry
2015.10.21  10/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.10.20  CSR Activity (Banglamung Home for Boys, Chonburi)
2015.10.14  Legal Consultative Forum 02/2015
2015.10.01  CSR Activity (Duang Prateep Foundation, Klongtoey)
2015.09.24  9/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.09.22  CSR Activity (Rajvithi Home For Girls, Ratchathewi)
2015.09.17  Thailand Innovation and Design EXPO 2015 (T.I.D.E)
2015.09.16  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.09.10  JFCCT International Trade (AEC) Committee Meeting
2015.09.08  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 03/2015
2015.09.07  Visit Sattahip Naval Base
2015.08.19  08/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.08.19  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.07.16  02/2015 KTCC's BOD Meeting
2015.07.14  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 02/2015
2015.07.07  07/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.06.30  BOI Seminar "Thailand a Regional Trading and Modern Industry Hub
2015.06.25  The Occasion of 65th Anniversary of the Korean War 
2015.06.25  Legal Consultative Forum 01/2015
2015.06.17  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.06.03  06/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.05.28  Euro money Great Mekong Investment Forum
2015.05.20  JFCCT/BOI Consultative Meeting 
2015.05.19  `The Victims of Devastating Earthquake in Nepal’ Donation
2015.05.18  05/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.05.14  BOI seminar "Thailand Current Investment Policy" 
2015.05.12  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 01/2015
2015.05.06 CSR : Supplying books (Duang Prateep Foundation) 
2015.04.30  The 48th Ordinary Annual General Meeting(BOT)
2015.04.29  Joint Meeting BOD & Advisory Committee 
2015.04.28  Digital Economy Seminar 
2015.04.22  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.04.22  AEC 2015 Seminar
2015.04.22  BOI Luncheon Meeting
2015.04.20  04/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.03.26  The commemoration ceremony of the 5th anniversary of the Cheonan Warriors 
2015.03.23  03/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.03.18  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.03.10  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 06/2014
2015.03.01  96 th Anniversary of Independence Movement
2015.02.18  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.02.13  Seongnam FC Meeting 
2015.02.10  AGM 2015
2015.02.05  02/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.01.24  Annual Membership Charity Golf Tournament
2015.01.16  Graduation ceremony of KISB
2015.01.15  JFCCT Presidents' Council Luncheon
2015.01.13  Board of Trade of Thailand's Board of Director' meeting No. 05/2014
2015.01.09  01/2015 Executive Committee meeting
2015.01.09  2015 Thailand Economic Outlook Seminar
Date Major Events
2014.12.18CSR Forum with UN
2014.12.17Korean community meeting with Min. of Citizenship Protection
2014.12.16BOD meeting
2014.12.15BOI Seminar on new investment promotion
2014.12.15Executives - Embassy joint meeting
2014.12.03JFCCT's Lunchon Talks with PM Prayut
2014.11.26Orientation for new comers
2014.11.14Legal Consultative Forum - 9th
2014.11.07Lunchon Talks with H.E. Ambassador for SMEs
2014.10.21Seminar on AEC
2014.10.15Hosting JFCCT Presidents' consultative meeting
2014.09.25Legal Consultative Forum - 8th
2014.09.18Joint Chambers & Embassy Networking 2014
2014.09.15Meeting Vice Chairman of FTI
2014.09.10Seminar - Corruption Prevention &Anti-Corruption Suppression
2014.09.08Seminar - BOT Thailand Strategy
2014.08.28Seminar on AEC & SMEs Challange
2014.07.16Meeting Permanent Secretary of MOC
2014.07.15Meeting Permanent Secretary of MoFA
2014.07.02Visiting Gen. Prayut, NCPO chairman
2014.06.30JFCCT/BOI consultative meeting
2014.06.28Advisory members & Directors meeting
2014.06.26Legal Consulting Seminar - 7th
2014.06.25CSR - Korean War Veterans
2014.06.20CSR - Thai Red Cross
2014.06.19CSR - Mae Fah Luang hospital
2014.06.05K-MOVE meeting
2014.05.28Korea-Mekong Forum
2014.05.27JFCCT/BOI Consultative meeting
2014.05.15Seminar on AEC outlook & Finance Management
2014.04.30Condolence to Sewolho victims
2014.04.24Board of Trade AGM, Korchamthai elected as Direcotr
2014.03.26Meeting Thai Min. of Foreign Affairs
2014.03.25Seminar on Economic Outlook
2014.03.18Visiting SMEs in Chonburi with H.E. Ambassador
2014.03.17H.E. Ambassador visiting Chamber office
2014.03.05AGM 2014
2014.02.24Lunchon talks for SMEs with H.E. Ambassador
2014.01.25Annual Membership Charity Event
2014.01.21FTA Conference
2014.01.16Seminar on Economic Outlook
2014.01.10Advisory Committee New Year Greeting
2014.01.02New Year Greeting to H.E. Korean Ambassador
Date Major Events
2013.12.23Energy Round Table Forum
2013.12.11CSR Forum
2013.11.20ASEAN Korean Chambers' Workshop at Bangkok
2013.11.11Morning Talk with D.G. of Korean Tax Service
2013.10.24Publication Ceremony for "Doing Business in Thailand" revised edition
2013.09.27Seminar on Anti-Corruption
2013.09.12BOI Workshop for manufacturing business
2013.09.03Dinner Reception for Korean Reporters
2013.08.27Seminar on Korea-Thailand Environment Cooperation
2013.08.22Member's Day "NANTA" performance
2013.07.26Advisory Committee Dinner reception for H.E. Ambassador
2013.07.09Board of Trade Get Together Reception
2013.07.03Korean Culture Center Bangkok opening
2013.06.26Energy Round Table Seminar
2013.06.25Korean War Memorial Ceremony
2013.06.13Great Mekong Seminar
2013.06.07Seminar on Legal Cunsultants
2013.06.05AEC Seminar
2013.05.28Luncheon Talk with Governor of Bank of Thailand
2013.05.23Mekong-Korea Business Forum
2013.03.04Publication Membership Directory "2013~2014"
2013.02.26AGM 2013, Mr. M J Lee elected as 14th President
2013.02.19Visited DITP to discuss mutual co-operation
2013.01.26New Year Membership Golf Tournament
2013.01.10Korchamthai-BOI Netwroking
2013.01.02New Year Reception by H.E. Korean ambassador
Date Major Events
2012.12.14Thai-Korea Friendship Festival 2012
2012.12.03Korea Institute for International Exonomic Policy visited us
2012.11.28Gangneung Science Industry Foundation visited us
2012.11.24Lunch Talk with new Embassador
2012.11.22Energy Round Table - Seminar on PDP 2012
2012.11.19CSR Forum
2012.11.09Guest of State visited Thailand
2012.11.01Inchon Business Promotion Agency visited us
2012.10.29Seminar on Next Decade - ASIA
2012.10.25The 4th Law Forum
2012.10.18Visited Chairman of FTI
2012.10.15Dinner Talk with KOrean-ACEAN Center Delegates
2012.10.04Visited BOI
2012.09.26Korean chambers workshop at Yangon
2012.09.10Visited DG of TISI
2012.09.02Hyundai Motor invited Golf Tournament for our members
2012.08.29JFCCT-NACC Conference
2012.08.15JSCCIB Seminar - Thai Investment by Strategic AEC 2015
2012.08.15Reception by Minister of MLTM
2012.07.23Energy Round Table - Seminar on Strategic Petloruim Save
2012.06.17Dinner Talk with Thai Customs
2012.06.11Dinner Talk with Chairman of Korean Finance Commission
2012.05.16MOU with Ulsan Chamber of Commerce
2012.04.05OECD Conference
2012.03.29Techincal Div. of Inchon Economic Trade Promotion Center visited us
2012.03.26BOI Investment Seminar at Seoul
2012.03.26Seminar for Thai Food Industry's Korean Market Opportunity
2012.03.21Hosted JFCCT Presidents' Council Meeting
2012.03.12Talks with SME Club of KCCI
2012.02.23Collaboration Talks with MATRADE
2012.02.08Seminar on Thai Economy Prospect 2012
2012.01.17Meeting with FTA TFT of MPF
2012.01.14New Year Membership Golf Tournament
Date Major Events
2011.12.01Publication "Business Opportunities in Thai Energy Industry"
2011.11.29BOI Flood Measures meeting
2011.11.28Flood Relief Fund donation to Rajaprajanugroh Foundation
2011.11.21Bank of Thailand visited us
2011.10.28Publication of 'Thai Business Law 2011'
2011.10.27Attended KCCI workshop at Kuala Lumpur
2011.10.10Launched 'Bangkok Flood TFT'
2011.09.30Trade mission from Inchon City
2011.09.27Nomura Institute visited us
2011.09.08Thai Competition Law Seminar with OECD
2011.08.30Trade mission from Khungbook Province visited us
2011.08.03Energy-Round-Table Forum
2011.08.01Visited NSTRA Science Park
2011.07.23Networking for Chonburi/Rayong area members
2011.07.21Joined JFCCT Tourism Committee
2011.07.17Thai Business Law Forum
2011.06.24Sponsored Korean War Memory Festival
2011.05.27Welcome GTEP professors
2011.05.24Become member of JFCCT Tax Committee
2011.05.24Launched Law Consultant Committee
2011.05.23Lunch for Chairman of People's Right Protection Committee, Korea
2011.05.20Participated KCCI workshop at Manila
2011.05.03Dinner for Chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Council
2011.04.28Elected as Executive Director of Thai Board of Trade
2011.04.21Hwa Sung Chamber of Commerce in Korea visited us
2011.03.15AGM elected 13th President, Mr. Cho, Kangvon
2011.03.10Organized Korea-Thailand Energy Efficiency Conference
2011.03.04Energy Round Table inaugurated
2011.03.04Joined JFCCT Asean Economy Committee as regular member
2011.03.03Sponsored BOI Investment Roadshow in Seoul
2011.02.04One of 4 delegated foreign chambers for BOT Working Committee against PAT DG rules
 (America, German, Japan and Korea)
2011.02.04Bio Healthcare Committee inaugurated
2011.01.20Published "Thai Labor Law and HR Management" 
Date Major Events
2010.12.31Number of members : 193 members.
2010.12.30Issued "Research on Difficulties in Investment and Business Environment in Thailand"
2010.12.13Signed MOU KTCC-Virginal Korean Chamber Cooperation.
2010.12.13Seminar for SME's technology/marketing protection.
2010.12.12Published KTCC Member Directory 2010-2011
2010.11.30Sponsored Korea Festival 2010
2010.11.27Opened Korea-Thai Annual Friendship Golf Tournament.
2010.11.12Organized Asian Food Festival with 8 Asian chambers
2010.11.12Published Korea-Thai Energy Development Cooperation.
2010.09.14Organized FTA Seminar
2010.08.23Visited Minister of MOI.
2010.08.11Dinner for BOT President-appointed.
2010.08.11Sponsored Korea Creative Economy Seminar of Thai MOFA.
2010.08.04H.E. Ambassador visited KTCC office
2010.07.09Seminar on Energy Business Cooperation between Korea-Thai
2010.07.06Mr. J.K.Ahn/President atteded at BOI Investment Seminar at Seoul as speaker
2010.06.07Organized Energy Business Seminar inviting related Thai government officers
2010.05.30Moved to owned office at Rajapark Bldg.
2010.05.17Operated Emergency Control Center against Bangkok Crisis
2010.05.15Organized Industrywise Golf Gathering
2010.05.10Lunchen Talks on Energy Business in Thailand
2010.04.27Attended AGM of BOT as a member of Director
2010.04.02Mr. J.K.Ahn/President awarded of MKE
2010.02.10Mr. J.K.Ahn/President attended BOI Investment Seminar at Busan, Korea as speaker 
2010.01.28Organized FTA Utilization Seminar
2010.01.15Joined JFCCT Tourism Committee as regular member 
2009.12.31Total 133 members
2009.12.09Published "Korean Company Directory"
2009.11.21Friendship Golf Tournament for Korean & Thai business communities.
2009.07.28Published "Customs Practice and Trade Policy Thailand"
2009.04.03Extra-Ordinary BoD meeting elected Mr. J. K. Ahn as 12th President.
2009.03.19AGM 2008, elected 37 directors for 12th term.
2009.03.02Seminar and Q&A for Korean-ASEAN (Thailand) FTA Agreement.
2009.02.23Joined JFCCT Luncheon Meeting invited by PM Abhisit.
2009.01.07Advisory Committee invited H.E. Embassador to New Year Luncheon meeting.
2008.12.23Published "Doing Business in Thailand"
2008.11.21Opened Dinner Gala in celebration for 50 years anniversary of Korea-Thailand diplomation relation
2008.02.05The total member of KTCC : 82
2007.05.27KTCC office moved from the Embassy premises to the 3rd floor of Korean Cultural Center in soi 18, Sukhumvit Rd.
2006.10.29At the Annual General Meeting 2007, Mr. Ahn, Jong-Kug was elected as the President 2007-2008
2006.09.26Name Change from Thai-Korean to Korean-Thai, Chamber of Commerce with the agreement of the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. The new name was registered at the concerned official organizations, including Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department, Board of Trade, etc.

Office moving from Pleonchit Center to the 2nd floor of Consular Section of Korean Embassy with the compliments of Ambassador, Mr. Han, Tae-Gyu

1977.11.17Establishment of Thai-Korean Chamber of Commerce (TKCC), headed by Mr. Ahn, Kyung-Jun, Director of Korea Trade Center (KOTRA) in Bangkok, and Mr. Chuan Aroonratana, President of International Commercial Center.

Subsequently registered under the Interior Trade Department of Ministry of Commerce. Later, TKCC joined the Board of Trade of Thailand (BOT), an official organization in the auspice of the Prime Minister’s Office, and then the Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce (JFCCT) when it was formulated in mid 1990s.

The Past Presidents who made great contribution in the development of the Chamber are:

1st  Ahn, Kyung-Jun
2nd  Chuan Aroonratana
3rd  Kamol Sukosol
4th  Suchart Sethiwan
5th  Charoen Kanthawongs
6th  Chie, James Pai-San
7th  Anuphong Rojanuckarin
8th  Phongchai Sethiwan
10th  Kim, Hyung-Gon
11th  Ahn, Jong-Kug
12th  Ahn, Jong-Kug
13th  Cho, Kangvon (2011-2012.7)
          Lee, Man Jae (2012.7-2013.2)
14th  Lee, Man Jae (2013-2014)
15th  Lee, Man Jae (2015-2016)

Date Major Events
2009.12.09태국 투자진출업체 편람 출간
2009.11.21한태 상공인 초청 연례 골프대회 개최
2009.07.28태국 관세제도 및 무역 정책 출간
2009.04.03임시 이사회 개최, 안종국 회장 연임 선출
2009.03.192008년 연차 총회 개최, 이사진 37명 선출
2009.03.02한태 FTA 양 정부간 합의 서명에 따른 설명회 개최
2009.02.23아피씯 총리 재태 외국인 상의 초청, 경제 개발 및 안정에 대한 설명
2009.01.07자문위 및 고문단, 대사 초청 신년 하례 오찬 
2008.12.23태국투자길라잡이 출간
2008.11.21한태 수교 50주년 기념 갈라 디너 개최
2008.11.06상공인 초청 골프대회 개최
2008.02.05한태상공회의소 회원사 현황: 총 82회원사
2007.03.27사무실을 한인문화회관 3층으로 이전함.
2006.10.29정기총회에서 Thai Corporate Access Ltd.의 안종국 사장이 제 11대 회장으로 2년 임기로 피선.
2006.10.29한태상공회의소 영어 명칭을 ""Korean-Thai Chamber of Commerce""로 변경, 태국상무성 및 기타 관계부서에 등재 완료함. (수상실, 상무부, 국세청 포함) 상공회의소의 사무실을 Ploenchit Center 빌딩에서 대사관 영사과 2층으로 이전.
2009.12.09태국 투자진출업체 편람 출간
2009.11.21한태 상공인 초청 연례 골프대회 개최
2009.07.28태국 관세제도 및 무역 정책 출간
2009.04.03임시 이사회 개최, 안종국 회장 연임 선출
2009.03.192008년 연차 총회 개최, 이사진 37명 선출
2009.03.02한태 FTA 양 정부간 합의 서명에 따른 설명회 개최
2009.02.23아피씯 총리 재태 외국인 상의 초청, 경제 개발 및 안정에 대한 설명
2009.01.07자문위 및 고문단, 대사 초청 신년 하례 오찬 
2008.12.23태국투자길라잡이 출간
2008.11.21한태 수교 50주년 기념 갈라 디너 개최
2008.11.06상공인 초청 골프대회 개최
2008.02.05한태상공회의소 회원사 현황: 총 82회원사
2007.03.27사무실을 한인문화회관 3층으로 이전함.
2006.10.29정기총회에서 Thai Corporate Access Ltd.의 안종국 사장이 제 11대 회장으로 2년 임기로 피선.
2006.09.29한태상공회의소 영어 명칭을 "Korean-Thai Chamber of Commerce" 로 변경, 태국상무성 및 기타 관계부서에 등재 완료함. (수상실, 상무부, 국세청 포함) 상공회의소의 사무실을 Ploenchit Center 빌딩에서 대사관 영사과 2층으로 이전.